Madeleine Corbey

Atelier Allegro expositie in het mooie kerkje van Persingen onder de rook van Nijmegen Expositie in kerkje van Persingen
Madeleine Corbey

EXPOSITIE: zondag 6 & 7 juli
11.00 tot 17.00 uur.
Kerkje van Persingen
Persingensestraat 7, 6575 JA Persingen

Mijam Evers, Petra Koenen, Madeleine Corbey Uitnodiging

Madeleine Corbey `59 The Netherlands Got caught with the paper virus when she was in her early twenties. At that time she studied at the technical school, the MTS, and had to go to a factory to see how it is to work in real life. She learned a lot in the Factory KNP (SAPPI) where paper was made. It was a real big factory and in that time the process of making paper was an open process. Old paper and wood came in and paper in all kind of thickness and sizes went out. She found it all very fascinating. Especially the making of pulp. Big holes in the ground with knives, Making the material small.

There it all began. A little spark was set into fire in her.

Years later, begin 2000, after working at a technical company, and some municipal company's the intern fire became bigger. Madeleine started making her own pulp in small badges. With that pulp she created three-dimensional figures/sculptures. There were so many possibilities. It was overwhelming. After creating a sculpture she painted them with colourful acrylic paint. But then, there came the need to let the paper speak for itself so she felt that the paper did not need any paint. She switched to total natural work. Some paper is already inserted with pigment in a factory, so if you make again pulp from it, it has that colour. Paper which is not used anymore, and there is a lot of it, gets a new life.

Mijn ervaring

Na jaren vrolijke, gekke, vreemde, bijzondere objecten gemaakt te hebben, heeft zich het onderliggend thema geopenbaard. Elk werk gaat, al dan niet direct zichtbaar, over aandacht. Helaas leven we vrijwel allemaal snel en verliezen we wel eens onszelf en de ander uit het oog. Om daar weer eens stil bij te staan ervaar je misschien verrassende zaken. In ieder geval wordt je leven er, naar mijn mening, rijker van. Naturel werk (onbeschilderd) brengt me dichter bij mijn gevoel en wie weet u ook. Madeleine Corbey is prude member of The International Association of Hand Papermakers and Paper Artists (IAPMA) is the world leading organisation for paper artists